Opening new opportunities with S2B Group

Digital Dialogue SA is proud to announce a long-term collaboration with S2B Group in Randburg.


S2B Group is a fast-growing consulting firm speciliasing in marketing and sales staff. From outsourcing training and recruitment to mobilising massive sales staff S2B group has a 21 century solution that will decrease staff turnover and increase staff productivity. 

Our Culture

We view sales recruitment and training as the foundation that will breed entrepreneurial minded individuals with a ‘larger than life’ mentality.

Our culture is about inspiring people to become more than just an employee that works for a salary.

Our culture is a culture of creation, passion for people, out witting and working competition. Simply put we have a responsible, accountable, enthusiastic and winning culture.

Our Vision

  • To build 1000 independent entrepreneurs by 2030!
  • To be a preferred sales outsource, recruitment, training and consulting company;
  • To build a place where future triumphant and influential leaders start their career,
  • To have a world where sales are made, not excuses

Find out more info here:

We do not offer a one size fits all solution and circumstances vary drastically from institution to institution depending on its size, industry, age, location, people, processes, culture, strategy and technology.
For Outsourcing:
  • We recruit, train and deploy sales teams faster and more efficiently than anyone,
  • We are accountable,
  • You have control of what we sell and where we sell,
  • We focus on the target markets you provide to us,
  • Working close to us allows you to integrate marketing, support and other departments in your business,
  • We are dedicated to your products and services and brand face under your brand or company name,
  • Lower cost than building internal sales,
  • Our approach to sales outsourcing considers our clients’ needs.
For Co-sourcing and Consulting:
  • We practice the art of sales and you want some of that valuable information. Contact us for an obligation free meeting. Meet with us and you will understand how exactly we can assist you in growing, nurturing and upskilling a winning sales team.

We are really excited to help this company achieve its bottom line.

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