Terms and conditions for R200 advertising spend promotion

Promotion ends 31 May 2018 at 23:59 SAST.

Any late queries will not be accepted.

Commencement of the 3 month contract starts once a service level agreement has been signed and a deposit made.

Every concluded R200 advertising campaign results in a report being sent.

Primarily South African based companies will be eligible for this promotion. Any other county will be up to the company to decide if they are eligible or not.

Nkabo communications (Pty) Ltd t/a Digital Dialogue SA (herein referred to as ‘the Company’) reserves the right not to sign with any company that does not reflect the views of The company or is involved in any activity that contravenes any laws or is discriminatory to any persons, people, groups, religions, gender, etc.

The company can cancel the promotion at any given time for any given reason.

Payment terms will be reflected in the service level agreement and failure to pay on time may result in delayed services or termination of the contract.

All other terms will be sent in the service level agreement.

Email info@digitaldialoguesa.com or fill in a contact form to apply for this promotion.

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