Baby Budgets and Your Small Business: Maximising Your Marketing Efforts In The Digital Era


Everyone is busy with starting their businesses and need to get the word out. Whether you’re trying to take over the world or just providing services to your postal code, entrepreneurs everywhere agree that they need some level of exposure. I’d love to say that it is easy and that there’s a full proof plan but small businesses are either under the mild delusion that they can do that themselves, or that they would like to spend as little as possible and sometimes squeeze as much as they can from the freelances they hire. Being part of the squeezed and not wanting to divulge all my years of learned knowledge, I have come up with a couple of tips for marketing your small business on a baby budget.

Developing Excellent Content

Your current business has its expertise and you can easily create excellent content by sharing your knowledge online, just like I am trying to right now. It’s not always about getting an ad out there and pumping a lot of your budget into it. It’s about using your expertise to speak to your audience and let them know that you know what you’re talking about. Technically, it is the easiest way to improve on some of your brand’s SEO. Yes, the dreaded SEO that so many people in my industry mess up. Simply enough, SEO favours those who speak relevant content and not just pump stuff into the worldwide web.

Make it a visual feast

Seeing is believing! It applies here too. Humans are naturally lazy and to peak their interest the easiest way is to steer away from text and add some pictures, infographics, video and even memes.

Take it to the next level by live streaming, engaging with your audience and really getting them involved.

Social Media is (an inexpensive) key

social media

The average person looks at their phone 100 times a day. How much do you want to bet that most of the time is to check social media pages? From Facebook to LinkedIn, people are always active on the channels and if they’re not, most social media channels have their own marketing strategies to lure you back onto there. So you know that being an active business on there has it’s major advantage.

While you most likely won’t get all the millions of people on social media, chances are that you will find the one that makes the difference between you going under and you breaking even.

Use that public opinion

It’s so common of us to view reviews and looks at everyone’s opinion before doing anything. Gone are the days that we trust old school marketing techniques to make even the smallest of decisions. We’d rather trust our neighbour than just judge based on the ad itself. This is your opportunity to leverage your customers. The point is to deliver quality service/product first then ask your customers to voice their opinion, if they don’t do it first. And even thought you may get bad reviews, don’t hide them or ignore them and hope they go away, be proactive and answer them as they come. Even if it was not your fault at all, a caring brand is the trusted brand.

Small businesses do not need giant advertising budgets to get ahead. Play the game well: Trust in your expertise and share them online.

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