19 Facebook Marketing Predictions for 2017 From the Pros

Thank you to Social Media Examiner for this great article.

Are you wondering what 2017 might look like for Facebook marketing?

If the Facebook changes in 2016 are an indicator, 2017 will be an interesting year for Facebook marketers.3

To get a grip on what the near future may look like, we tapped the knowledge of 19 social media pros.

#1: Paid Ads Come to Facebook Groups

ian cleary bio image

Ian Cleary

I think Facebook will reduce the reach that Facebook groups get and introduce paid ads for groups. I rarely interact with pages and quite often interact with groups. As we move away from pages toward groups, Facebook will reduce the reach. It’s a perfect opportunity for Facebook to grow an additional advertising revenue stream.

Ian Cleary is the founder of RazorSocial, one of the world’s leading marketing technology sites focused on social media and content marketing.

#2: Facebook Launches Messenger Video Stories That Publish to News Feed

joel comm bio image

Joel Comm

The release of Snapchat-like functionality in Messenger demonstrates that Mark Zuckerberg is taking Snapchat seriously. These tools allow users to embellish videos and images with drawings, filters, and text and are currently available only as direct messages to individuals, although that will change.

In 2017, Facebook will allow Snapchat-like stories to be created in Messenger and then posted as videos to a personal or page feed.

Look for video stories to come to Facebook Messenger.

Look for video stories to come to Facebook Messenger and the news feed.

Their tools for live video continue to evolve as well. With scheduled live videos, broadcasting from desktop, and trimming finished videos for better replays all slowly rolling out, this is just a step toward Facebook’s overall video strategy.

Expect to see more studio editing and post-production tools offered to Facebook Live users with the app and on desktop. Facebook’s goal is to provide content creators with the tools they need to create professional and polished content that will receive many replays.

In addition, I expect Facebook Live to start appearing on Smart TVs next to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, as Facebook intends to position itself as a broadcast network.

Consumers now expect almost immediate communication with companies, and those who are willing to provide it will get the sale.

For example, I just signed a new apartment lease and guess what? All of my communication (setting up a tour to asking questions about amenities to signing the lease) was done through Facebook Messenger.

In 2017, Facebook will continue to develop and release products that facilitate the (almost) instant communication consumers are beginning to expect. The release of Facebook Messenger ads last November was just the beginning of the evolution.

Not only can these conversations be inexpensive to acquire, they also progress quickly because of the instantaneous nature of chat versus phone or email.

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