Digital trend spotting… Your job? 

Okay, so you’re a business owner. And you’re good at what you do. Let’s take a carpenter for example. They would be good with their hands and know how to create such beauty from wood.

How would anyone hear about their work? 

That’s the biggest question that business owners have. This carpenter is now expected to sit on the net and research where he can showcase his work online.

This is what makes me as a Digital Marketing Strategist so important. My job is to know the online business. From your website to social media, my role is to look at your business, research the industry, research trends and implement it digitally.

It may sound simple until you put yourself in the digital world. It’s a ‘sneaky’ but interesting world that needs constant reading and monitoring. Google, Facebook and other platforms constantly update their algorithms to eliminate useless information reaching the wrong audience. 

It’s all about being the most relevant.

I want to grow your brand and get you those customers. It is all possible with you, me and Digital Dialogue. 

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